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Miscellaneous resources

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Links, Music, Favorite video, Websites, etc.

Link Category
Books True Earth and Science related Books
Debaters Glossary Debaters Glossary (Debate terminology, tips, fallacies, etc.)
Greenland Theory Greenland Theory, from a lost website of fascinating theories.
Heliosexualism 101 Learn about the heliocentric model
Home school resources Resources for your truther Home school
Memes A library of FE Memes
Movies Flat Earth Documentaries / Movies (for purchase, rent or free)
Music FE related Music
Papers Papers / Presentations / Journals
Scriptures + Bible Verses / Scriptures / Studies (including Enoch and others) stating earth isn't a spinning wobbling globe.
Tools Tools (Curve Calculator, magnetic declination visualizers, etc.)
Transcripts Transcripts of videos (.srt files)
Videos FE Videos
Websites FE Websites