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TrueEarth community support

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Hello TrueEarth content creators, if you are interested in contributing to the TrueEarth wiki, but aren't sure how, this page provides a list of people who are willing to help you or create content for you.

If you do not know how to edit a wiki, there's a host of how-to's listed on the Main page (including a TrueEarth wiki cheat sheet, video tutorials, and WikiTide help links). If you still are unsure of what you need to do, or feel you can't contribute to a wiki, you may reach out to any of the following volunteers who will be happy to help you.


  • If you just need some help building a page, and you've already been through the tutorials / cheat sheet / online help, you may contact someone from the list below that has a "Yes" in the Support column.
  • If you need somebody to volunteer to build the page for you, what we will need from you is an idea of what content you want created along with some verbiage, some images, links, etc., You may contact someone from the list below that has a "Yes" in the volunteer column.
Users who can help you
User Best way(s) to contact this user Support Volunteer
NoLongerOnTheBall * Wiki discussion: Telegram group
* Email:
* Telegram: @NoLongerOnTheBall
* Twitter: @NoLongerOnDBall
Yes Yes