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True earth wiki ground rules

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All wiki editors must follow some basic rules. These rules are to prevent people with different opinions from stomping on each-other and to stay compliant with the terms of use.


  • This wiki is for "globe/heliocentric skeptic" content. Contrary content can be built elsewhere, like the wikipedia - not here.
  • This content can be seen as speculation or even satire if needed. The content in this wiki is not to be mistaken as dangerous or misinformation, as this is prohibited and not the intent of this wiki.
  • Make pages that are "college level", with proper grammar, correct spelling, including references wherever possible. The content will be used for research and content builders to present on videos and live steams.
  • Stay on the topic: This wiki is not for racial, medical, sexual, or anti-flat earth/contrary content. (Articles that refer to religion in the context of globe origins or how politics have been used to push narratives is okay).
  • Do not delete or overwrite content that others have built without their permission.
  • Differing opinions can preserved on the same page, but should be presented in a new sub-section on the page. For example the "Gravity" page might have a sub-section on electrostatic/buoyancy and a sub-section on upward motion.
  • Clearly indicate if your/the theory is a theory. Do not write theories as if they are facts.
  • If you made a simple change to another person's content (such as beatifying or formatting), if possible, please let them know.
  • Feel free to fix typos / misspelled words / improper grammar that you see.
  • If you make a page, please ensure there's a link to it somewhere, how else will people find your page :-)
  • Make links within your content to other pages already built for a profession appearance. For example "Wernher von Braun" is linked on the "NASA" page. "NASA" is linked on the "Wernher von Braun" page.
  • If applicable, create sub-sections like "See Also" with links to other related pages.
  • Look at articles and links adjacent to your content. Make sure you are using similar format and context (link folder "context" like "/People/Richard Byrd").


  • All content in this wiki is subject to these rules & terms: any content in violation is subject to immediate removal without notice to the original editor(s).
  • By creating an account and editing content you have acknowledged these rules and terms of use.
  • Access to edit this wiki and the ground rules are subject to change without notice.
  • You and/or your public IP address may be blocked permanently if you do not follow the rules, deface other people's work, or create content that is contrary to the scientific discovery of the true (flat) earth, and/or use/refer to this wiki in a negative context.