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Link Topic
Training videos Sometimes watching a video is easier to learn from
True Earth wiki discussion Telegram Telegram "true earth wiki discussion" group. Ask questions or get help there.
Community support Can't work this thing? request a page to be built for you, or ask for help.

Page BuildingTips

1. Creating a new page

To create a new page, follow the following two Steps:

  1. In an appropriate area, Create a link to a page that doesn't exist. (Example: [[Your Page]])
  2. Use the link to navigate to your new page, It will automatically put you into create page mode.

2. Get examples from other pages

Not sure how something was built?
If you see another page with something you'd like to use, click Edit and look how it was built.
Copy and paste wiki text from one page to another.

3. Try the new Visual editor and the original source editor

When editing or creating a new page, use the toolbar to make some tasks easier.
Please see the Editor Help page here.

Help on advanced items


There are different types of links, the following examples show how to make links with a "friendly name" (a description rather than a ugly URL)
ℹ️ Tip: The most common links can be made with the link button on the wiki editor toolbar
Complete help on links can be found here:

Topic How To
Link to a page [[Page Name|Friendly Name]]
[[Folder/Page Name|Friendly Name]]
Link to a video or other website [ Friendly Name]
Make a Image Link [[File:ImageFile.png|40px|link=Page Name|Friendly Name]]
Make a PDF Link (no preview) using ":File:" [[:File:PDFDocument.pdf|Friendly Name]]
Link Examples
wiki text Attributes How it will look
[[Observations/Interferometry/Dayton Miller|Dayton Miller]] wiki page link
Friendly Name
Dayton Miller
[ Flat Earth Fortnite Map] External link
Friendly Name
Flat Earth Fortnite Map
[[File:WikiVisitor.jpg|20px|link=Main_Page]] Image link
no alignment
[[:File:Alone The Classic Polar Adventure by Richard E Byrd z lib org epub.pdf|Alone]] no preview
Friendly Name


References add a professional look & add completeness to your article. If you cite certain external articles/books, use the references to provide the link or source information of your citation. References automatically order and number themselves according to the order they are used in the article.
ℹ️ Tip: Copy and paste the example into your page to help you get started on a reference / references section.
Complete help on references / cite can be found here:

Topic How To
Inline References Link <ref name=RefName></ref>

Put this inline with your text. It will appear as a [#] link and will automatically get a number. (Example: [1])

Start of References Section <references>

At the end of the page, please add a section to the document: ===References===
...then insert the <references> start

Reference <ref name="RefName">Reference Text or Link</ref>

Place the Reference(s) inside the References Section (<references></references>)

End of References Section </references>
References/Cite Example
wiki text How it will look
what about space? <ref name=spaceisfake></ref>
===References=== <references> <ref name="spaceisfake">Yes space is fake</ref> </references>


ℹ️ Tip: The most common way to insert an image is use the image button on the wiki editor toolbar
Complete help on images can be found here:

Topic How To
Inline Image [[File:imagefilename.ext|right|200px|link=]]

This will insert an image into your page, floating on the right side at 200px max, having no link.

Image Link [[File:imagefilename.ext|30px|link=People/Einstein]]

This will insert an image into your page, floating on the right side at 30px max, having a link to the People/Einstein page. Since no alignment was specified, it will show inline in your text.

Images Examples
wiki text Attributes How it will look
abc [[File:TrueEarthWiki Logo.png|right|20px|link=]] xyz 20 pixels
right align
no link
abc [[File:TrueEarthWiki Logo.png|20px|link=|this is a test]] xyz 20 pixels
no align
no link
caption text
abc this is a test xyz
abc [[File:TrueEarthWiki Logo.png|left|20px|link=Main_Page]] xyz 20 pixels
left align
link to Main Page
abc [[File:TrueEarthWiki Logo.png|right|30px|thumb|link=Main_Page|test]] xyz 30 pixels
right align
link to Main Page
thumb style
caption text


ℹ️ Tip: a Math editor is included in the Visual editor and is highly recommended that you use this feature. See wiki editor toolbar
In order to create math formulas in wikitext directly, please see the help here:
For a list of math symbols and how to use them:

Math Example
wiki text How it will look
<math>E = mc^2</math>
<math>F = G \frac{m_1 m_2}{r^2}</math>

External Help Links

Link Topic
Help Guide Online Help (e.g. navigation, editing, etc.)
Help Center Online help center On WikiTide.
WikiTide FAQ Frequently asked questions On WikiTide.
Miraheze Discord Miraheze Discord support for "disaster" only. (Use only in the event no trueearth wiki administrators can help you / in the event of major site failures)

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