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This wiki was inspired by watching truthers on live streams who expressed the need for a true earth wiki. I have watched debates where I recognized the need to have resources at your fingertips, that you could search and present.

The truth shall set you free and you can change the lives of thousands of people!...

🎁 That is what this wiki was created for, it is my gift to the content creator community, to show appreciation for what you do ❤️

Take a look at some featured pages

  • Index - the main catalog of various subjects.
  • Content Creators - A growing list of Content Creators/Channels and their links and info.
  • NASA - A page on NASA (Not A Straight Answer 🤣).
  • Misc - Lists of true earth Books, Websites, Music, True Earth related Bible Verses, and more.

This wiki is FREE and AD FREE

If you know how wiki's work, they are "powered" by a community of people who contribute to it. Everyone in the community who puts in a little effort will help everyone else. All the knowledge of our beautiful earth and the cosmos can be organized in this wiki, and it can become the most complete resource available on the internet.

Realizing most of you are already strapped for time, I have begun building pages - and will even volunteer to build pages for you. But I know that if everyone gets on-board and contributes a little, it will go a long way to helping everyone.

The goal

  • Get All the FE content creators aware so that they can benefit from the content for research or presentations.
  • The combined content of the FE community could organized here, which will help others in the FE community.
  • It's a gift that keeps on giving!

Imagine, during a debate - a question comes up, you could pop this wiki open and share on it the live stream: Quick access to articles, images, or use it to get to links to important documents & videos.

What you need to do to USE the wiki

You may use the wiki anytime you would like. It is free. That's what it is for!

  • Use it for your research.
  • Use it in video's you make.
  • Use it during debates.
  • Use it to show the truth to others.

just go to, book mark it!

How can you contribute?

  • You will need to Sign in/create a free account. (Nobody will see or use your email address, so do not worry)
  • Learn the basics of editing wikis: see the links on the main page for help and training, look at how other pages are made by other contributors.
  • If you need any help or have any questions, check the links on the main page or contact me (See below).
  • Help us build quality articles. Help us get a complete list of all content creators. Help others learn how to edit.
  • share the word!

Everything you need to get you started is already set up.

and more...

Contact Info

  • email:
  • telegram: @NoLongerOnTheBall
  • wiki mail: wiki mail (must have an account)