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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's a list of common questions people may have about our earth and the cosmos. While we don't have all the answers, we certainly can call foul on mainstream science for their pseudo-science. In the meantime, we can only go on what our senses say and what's been documented that actually makes sense.

Link Question
Is FE a Psyop? Is flat earth a Government psop or are 'flerfs' stupid?
Why the lie? Why would they lie? (Space agencies, Scientists, etc.)
Why does the shape matter? Why does it matter if we are a globe or a plane?
Why do Flat Earthers Exists? Why would FE Groups and FE Believers exist?
Is everyone in on it? Is everyone in on it (Pilots, Scientists, Space Agencies)
Is this a Religious thing? Is this a Religious thing?
Photos of earth from Space? Photos of earth from Space?
Is it CGI or a Photo? Is it CGI or a Digital Photo?
Where does the sun go? Where does the sun set on a flat earth / how does Day & Night work?
What about Antarctica? Antarctica (Travel, 24 hour sun, Southern Flights)
Coriolis effect? What about the Coriolis effect?
Foucault's Pendulum? What about Foucault's Pendulum?
Where's the Edge? Where's the Edge?
Circumnavigation on FE? How does Circumnavigation work on FE
What about ships over the Horizon? Ships disappear over the Horizon bottom up!
Satellites? Satellites
What about the Planets? Planets (what are they, how far, why do they look round)
What about the Stars? Stars (what are they, how far, stellar parallax, etc.)
Southern Star Rotation? Southern Star Rotation
What about Gravity? What about Gravity?
Making fun of Flerfs Why are Flat-earthers teased, harassed, and trolled? Why is it so much fun to make fun of Flerfs